About Child Care Bimbola

Your child at Bimbola; "Flexible and inspiring childcare"
With 16 central and easily reachable locations in Rotterdam, Child Care Bimbola provides your children with the loving care and challenge necessary to blossom into self-confident individuals. Our after school care program has a focus on art, nature and sports.

  • Daycare during schoolweeks
  • Daycare 46 weeks; your family plans his own holiday during 6 weeks
  • Extra child care for our customers per two hours
  • The Family Dinner: on location or take-out meals for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Music, dance and theater lessons during childcare with us, so your family is free to explore other fun activities on the weekends.

English Day Care

Our locations Laan Op Zuid and Eendrachtsstraat have English day care groups. Children in the age of 0-4 years are welcome to join our groups. A Native speaking Dutch and English employee offer both languages during the day.

Day Care Eendrachtsstraat

Eendrachtsstraat 151
3012 XK Rotterdam

Day Care Laan op Zuid

Laan op Zuid 908
3071 AC Rotterdam