Possibilities for child care from 0 – 4 years

We offer the following possibilities for child care:

  • 52 weeks of care: guaranteed care for the whole year on fixed days
  • 40 weeks of car care during regular school weeks. Your child is free during the school holidays. This is ideal for parents that work in education or at schools.
  • 46 weeks of care: care on fixed days with 6 weeks of vacation during the year. You are free to choose which weeks your child will not attend day care.
  • At our locations Daycare Laan op Zuid and Day Care Eendrachtsstraat we offer the possibility of care during school hours.
  • At our locations Daycare Laan op Zuid and Day Care Eendrachtsstraat we offer the possibility of care in combination with the toddler play group. Example: early care that starts before the morning toddler play group or after the toddler play group or in the afternoon.
  • Student package with special conditions for student parents with children under 4 years of age.

Bimbola offers something for every family situation.