English Day Care

Childcare Bimbola offers day care where children and staff speak English. Day care where English is spoken is available at our locations on Laan op Zuid and Eendrachtsstraat.
Childcare Bimbola is a professional day care centre for children between the ages from 0-4.

Why is English spoken at our day care centres:

  • The interest of language skills in English at our day care centres has grown throughout the years.
  • Today, there is an increasing number of parents, who speak English and children grow up in an environment where two or more languages are spoken, and it's also becoming more popular at many primary schools, where English is being taught in year 1.
  • Bimbola extends, supports and exposes the children to the English language and culture.

It's become known that children are able to learn different languages easily when you expose them during the first few years of development.

At Bimbola, your child will continue to be in an environment , where English, but also Dutch will be spoken. Even if your child doesn't speak English or hasn't been brought up bilingual, they are most welcome to join our English group. Your child will learn his or her first words and sentences in English.

At our day care centre the English groups are lead by professionals and educated childcare workers, who speak English and Dutch.

We offer all activities and materials in both languages.

Like to know more?

You can contact the office at 010-2132027 or mail your questions to klantendesk@norlandia.nl.

You can make an appointment to have a look at our Bimbola day care centres either on Laan op Zuid or Eendrachtsstraat.


Day Care Eendrachtsstraat

Eendrachtsstraat 151
3012 XK Rotterdam

Day Care Laan op Zuid

Laan op Zuid 908
3071 AC Rotterdam